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Stainless Steel Mechanical Fabricators

NeoEng stainless steel mechanical fabrications is  the best in East Africa offering  products and general  services and products.

NeoEng are fully stainless steel mechanical fabrication specialists high expertise and fully equipped with equipment for : we design, supply and installation.

We are multi-faceted in  stainless steel operations offering all services required under one roof, here in Nairobi Kenya. We provide real value to all our clients achieving the best in the industry results. 

Our products are custom made to suit the clients specification and the space in question. We also offer 2D and 3D floor plan services to ensure that the space is well utilized as per the workflow of the client’s operations. This makes all products from our workshop unique.

Our team strives to offer the highest level of professionalism in every service, project and structure we deliver. 

Stainless Steel Mechanical Fabricators
Monthly Production
At NeoEng Limited, we specialize in fabricating stainless steel rails for buildings and malls. We are epxerts in all sorts of stainless steel fabrication for real estates.
Stainless Steel Production
At NeoEng Limted, we specialize in stainless steel fabrication. We fabricate stainless steel commercial kitchen and other items like Kitchenhoods, Stainless steel tables, stainless steel worktops
Commercial Kitchens
NeoEng Limited specializes in Mechanical ventilation for good ventilation in your houses and homes. We are the best fabricators in Nairobi
Mechanical Ventilation System
NeoEng Limited are experts in 2d design and 3d designs for houses and buildings
2D and 3D Designs

Our Clients Testimonials

Our engagement with NeoEng was one like no other. The design and engineering gave our kitchen a modern feel like no other company we have ever dealt with. We highly recommend NeoEng for kitchen designs
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Dairyland Limited
We needed a creative way of being noticed by our clients and NeoEng developed very unique and pronounced signage for our branches. We thank the design team who advised us on the best designs
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AAR Healthcare Limited
We are in an industry that is faced by stiff competition. This gives us all the reason to be unique and look elegant. NeoEng designed and engineered original framework and a kitchen that placed us ahead of our competition
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Java Coffee House Ltd

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