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Neoeng Limited specialises in stainless steel and mechanical engineering works.

Who We Are

NeoEng Limited is one of the best metal fabricators in East Africa. We fabricate stainless steel products and general mechanical fabrication services and products. Also, our products are custom made to fit the specification of our clients and motivated by a desire to satisfy their needs.

How We Do it

At NeoEng Limited, we offer complete systems of mechanical fabrication: we design, supply, and install. We are a multidisciplinary industrial contractor based in Nairobi Kenya. As our culture, we provide real value to all our clients by customizing products to fit your budget and space. Our services and products are top-notch, quality finishing for both aesthetic and safety purposes. The team offers the highest level of professionalism in every service, project, and structure we deliver. We strive to sustain an environment where all of the team members continuously better their skills and maintain the highest level of proficiency in their respective areas.

Our Team

Consistent development of competence and talent fueled our growth over the years as the scale of our projects increased in both size and complexity. Today, NeoEng Limited is an industry leader with our highly qualified team of experienced professionals. Also, at NeoEng Limited, we train youth in skillset within our comprehensive set of services to ensure continuity and community development.

Scope of Activities

Our expertise covers the full scope of stainless steel fabrication. We have experienced personnel from the design stage to completion. In fact, we offer both 2D and 3D floor plans as concept plans before the start of any project. We have the relevant equipment for metal preparation. This ensures we are able to execute tasks in a timely manner.

Apart from design services offered at NeoEng limited, we also offer marking, bending, seaming and joinery services at our workshop. Thus, we are a one-stop-shop for stainless steel sheet services.

Stainless Steel and Other Products

In summary, NeoEng Limited caters to all your needs as pertains to the following:

  • Commercial Kitchen equipment: cooking range, boilers, fryers, stainless steel worktops, and display units such as meat chillers, shelves
  • Mechanical Ventilation solutions: HVAC, Kitchen hoods (both stainless steel & magneto), mechanical fans, and ductwork.
  • Gas plumbing solutions including LPG and bulk gas piping
  • Food Industry Solutions: cold rooms, fruit pulping machines, agitator tanks, and milk pasteurizers.

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