Bakery Equipment


Within the years of practice, we have perfected our art in supply and installation of bakery equipment. Whether a commercial or non-commercial bakery, NeoEng delivers as per your requirement. Our team will guide you on the best equipment based on your space and budget.

Bakery Equipment 1

Bakery Equipment 2

Bakery Equipment: Ovens, Proofers

All our equipment is custom made to fit your space, budget and operations, check out our link

Bakery Equipment 3
Bakery equipment custom made to as per your operations. Here’s a link to see how the proofer works:

Trays, cooling racks and trolleys

We fabricate trolleys to suit your operations, space and existing equipment.

Bakery Equipment 4
Baking trays whether stainless steel or galvanized
Bakery Equipment 5
Trolleys with castor wheels (360 degree turn)

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