Best Bakeries Equipment: Our Top Picks


NeoEng Limited fabricates some of the best bakeries equipment to suit both commercial and non-commercial needs. We are experts in analyzing your situation and advice on the best solution for all your bakery needs.

The baking industry is dynamic. Our technicians at NeoEng Limited works tirelessly to ensure that your equipment meets the commercial kitchens industry standards.

Our Top Picks: Best Bakeries Equipment

We design and fabricate bakery ovens for your commercial and non commercial bakery needs
Commercial Ovens
Bakery table
Depanning tables for bakeries
Our bakery proofers meet the standards of bakery equipment

We tailor-make bakery equipment to suit your operations, production and space. In the event you have limited space, we work around the space. Some of our customized bakery equipment include: cooling baskets, oven trolleys, depanning tables and many more.

Untitled design 12
Bread cooling basket
Untitled design 14
Stainless steel baking tray
Untitled design 13
Cupcake moulds

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