Tanks: Pressed Steel & Industrial Tanks


At NeoEng, we specialize in construction of pressed steel tanks depending on your operationsstorage. Whether elevated tanks, rooftop tanks, ground level tanks or underground tanks, we customize water and gas tanks to suite your need. We have a team of specialized engineers who advice on the most suitable pressed steel tank for your need.

Industrial Tanks: 

Industrial tanks
Different Types of Industrial Tanks

Boilers/ Bratt Pan / Boiling Pan

We fabricate food grade boiling pans that saves up to 50% of fuel costs. Very effective and less time in the kitchen. Suitable for commercial kitchens (schools/hospitals) and food industries.

Boils beans within 1 hour!

Gas boilers
Gas Boilers
Automated Boilers with igniters 1
Automated Gas Boilers

Mixing/ Agitator Tank

We fabricate custom made mixing tanks with agitator for efficient mixing of products. Suitable for food industry and other products such as paint, pharmaceuticals among others.

Milk Pasteurizer

Food grade quality stainless steel pasteurizer suitable for the food industry.

Custom made for food industry Dairy cider fruit juices

Check out our video on how the pasteurizer works: https://www.facebook.com/KenyaNeoEng/videos/930583407440160/

Storage Tank

Rooftop pressed steel water tank

Rooftop Pressed Steel Tanks
Elevated stainless steel pressed steel tank
Elevated Pressed Steel Tank
Stainless steel pressed tanks (bins)
Ground level pressed steel tank
Ground level storage

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