SS Sinks: What You Need to Consider


SS sink

All about the SS Sink

Sinks are a necessary equipment in wash up areas. In fact we identify sanitation areas when we see sinks. However a sink has to be suitable for your operations.

First things first, sinks have to be stainless steel. It is a requirement for food related enterprises to have stainless steel food grade equipment. Moreover stainless steel has benefits e.g. easy to clean. More benefits are elaborated in our previous blog

When we talk of sanitation in any food related enterprise such as commercial kitchens, food industries, sinks have to be mentioned. What do you look for to ensure you have a sink that suits your operations?

Factors to consider

1. Quality

First things first, commercial operations tend to be wear and tear fast. This is due to the frequency and weight the equipment has to operate. Therefore quality is king. This is because we are looking for durability, no rusting and value for money. So when we talk of metallic sinks, stainless steel (SS) sink is the way to go.
It is also important to note that SS sinks vary in terms of quality. There are different qualities of stainless steel. Stainless steel grade 300 series is good for hospital equipment, food industries and humid place e.g. at the coast. Also, gauge or thickness of the metal sheet varies. A good commercial SS sink should be able to carry the weight over time.

Sluice sink

The properties of SS 300 series are corrosion resistance, good for chemical industries and humid environment. Here’s a link on different types of stainless steel

Sluice sink for hospitals use SS grade 304

2. Bowl Size

The bowl size depends on your operations. A suitable commercial sink bowl should wide and deep enough.
Deep bowls prevent water splashing out. This is quite important because spillage can cause accidents especially in busy set ups.

It is important to note the bowl size depends on the work. For instance pot wash sinks as the name suggests, is used for washing pots or many dishes. It is therefore quite deep and also to contain dishes.

Pot wash sinks have deep bowls suitable for big institution kitchen
Corner Hand wash basin

3. Functionality of the SS sink

Functionality is a broad term that covers usability. So when it comes to functionality, we look at the space and purpose. Here are examples of different type of sinks depending on the function of the sink.

i. Hospital sinks

There are different types of hospital sinks. These vary depending on the use. It is important to note that the quality of stainless steel should be grade 300 series bearing in mind that some chemicals used in hospitals may be corrosive.

Sluice sink for safe disposal of medical to 1

Scrub sinks as the name suggests are mainly used by surgeons to scrub hands before a surgical procedures

There are specifications when it comes to scrub sinks.

  • It is advisable to have stainless steel. This is because it is easy to clean stainless steel and prevent bacteria deposits on the sink.
  • In addition, when installing the sinks, have proper faucet tap for this sink. A timer to facilitate proper hand washing.

Sluice sink for safe disposal of medical to

Sluice sinks are used for disposal of medical waste. It has a section where the waste is flushed to avoid human contact.

This sink has a cistern that facilitates flushing the waste.
It is important to have a qualified plumber for efficient waste disposal.

ii. Kitchen sink

For commercial kitchens, deep bowls are ideal. However, the operations determine the type of sink suitable for you.

For instance, you can have a sink with work top surface. A double bowl sink which is ideal for washing and rinsing.

Kitchen works require worktops for the operations. Depending on your space, you can consider a sink with a worktop.

In addition, you can have tailor made pot wash sinks for washing big cooking pots. This is ideal for institutions with big kitchens serving big numbers.

Sluice sink for safe disposal of medical to 3Sluice sink for safe disposal of medical to 2
iii. Dhobi sink

These types of sinks are made to facilitate hand wash laundry activities. Normally they are commonly made of ceramic but you can also have stainless steel ones.

iv. Laboratory sink

Since the lab uses a lot of corrosive chemicals, the best sinks for this purpose are either stainless steel or made of fibre glass.

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