3D Designs


3D Designs: Layout and plan

Our design team is experienced in offering 2d, floor plans and 3d photo-realistic design for your space. We use state of the art applications to give you an impression of the best ways of utilising your space.

3D designs

These designs will guide you on how the last product shall appear. We take time to listen to our clients and help prioritize strategic design goals within real-world project, budget and space constraints.

Colours & Textures

Having 3D designs brings both parties (the client and the contractor) to the same understanding on the deliverables for the project.

It is easy to agree on the colour codes, the textures from the onset. Thus it makes it a realistic project with clear guidelines for both projects

Hand Over made easy

Once the project is completed, hand over sessions can be tedious. 3D designs ease such sessions because it is easy to compare the concept and the actual delivery.

[Pictures  depict an island kitchen concept vs. the actual delivery].

3D Design vs Actual Delivery

Actual Delivery

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