Industrial Tanks: Boilers, Agitator Tanks, Milk Tankers, Pasteurizers & Wine Fermentors



Looking for industrial tanks? Depending on your operations, here are some factors you should consider for efficient operations. Size, fuel consumption and purpose are some of the factors.                                                         

We have articulated 5 types of industrial tanks: Boilers, Agitator Tanks, Milk Tankers, Pasteurizer and Wine Fermentors


Boilers have been used since time immemorial. Initially, they were made using wrought iron in the 17th century. Boilers were notably used to fuel steam engine in trains. Over time, fabricators moved to steel alloys since steel withstands high temperatures and pressure.

For commercial kitchens and food industry operations, boilers are a must-have. Are you debating on whether to use gas or firewood? Read our blog

i. Fuel and Time Efficiency:

Boilers should be well insulated. This will ensure pressurized cooking mechanism. The boiler will use the heat from the source of burner and still retain the heat in the jacketed area. 

Thus, saving fuel and time by almost 50%. 

ii. Cost Efficiency:

Also, this will cost cut on fuel required whether gas of charcoal by up to 50%. Since they are stainless steel, they are durable and easy to clean. The maintenance costs are low and sustainable over a long period of time. 


Gas boilers with fiber glass insulation
Choma jiko Soup Boiler with red brick insulation
Industrial Agitator Tank


As the name suggests, the tank vibrates in a way that mixes the products.

If your industrial  operations requires mass mixing of substances, then Agitator Tanks is a deal you don’t want to miss.

This is suitable for manufacturing industries e.g. paint, food industry e,g, mixing sauces. 

This type of industrial tanks motorized (a motor is fixed at the top mostly) to ensure even mixing. Also, the tanks have blades to enforce efficient mixing.

Consider: The hose power of the motor depends on size and thickness products to be mixed. It is therefore important to match purpose when fabricating the tank.



On our roads, it is easy to spot branded milk tankers similar to the fuel tankers. 

One advantage of this industrial tank, it is easy to brand the vehicle with your logo. Thus have the milk tanker as a billboard as it moves around, let people know your brand. It is also easy to clean the tank.

Consider: This type of industrial tank is specifically made with stainless steel grade 300 series also known as food grade. Well, food grade means that there is minimum chance of food contamination. Therefore, the food will not have further reaction upon  contact with this metal. 

Food grade stainless steel advantages:

Stainless steel milk tanker
Industrial Pasteurizer Tank


The process of pasteurizing food is synonymous with heat. In the food industry, milk or wine is ultra heated under very high temperature to sterilize it. This process makes the food fit for human consumption.

Consider: The metal should be able to withstand high temperatures. In this case, the ‘jacketing‘ of tanks should be of high quality. The thickness of the metal sheet,  2mm – 3mm thickness, should be considered. 


Wine fermentation process is quite delicate. It requires a specific temperature and pressure to achieve the desired results. 

In this case, the tank should be raised from the ground and fixed with the gauges. The wine fermentors are cone-shape. It is easy to clean, as the residue collects at the bottom of the cone.

Consider: Ensure the lids are air tight for proper fermentation to happen.


For the industrial tanks, consider the following factors:

1. Determine the volume required suitable for your operations. Ensure there is some allowance to avoid spill over.

2. Functionality: The tanks should be designed to facilitate easy cleaning. 

3. Where heat is involved, have suitable base to withstand heat. A heavy base is an added advantage.

4. Efficiency: Insulation saves you time and money

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